Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Will you help me out tonight?

I love sour patch. Whenever I go to a movie theater I look for Sour Patch. This combination of sweetness and sourness is addictive but I'm sure there are people who hate it. Why doesn't my appetite change despite I get older and hopefully more mature? This is gonna help me keep going with my projects.

As I research, I've become more curious to know what percentage of parents are willing to teach their kids foreign languages? I mean if I look at the larger population in the world, Iwouldn't be too huge. But I'm still big about learning langages as early as possible. I familarized myself with English when I was six because my parents worked in the U.S. and France back and forth. I entered a high school in Connecticut at the age of 14 and I had no fear about English at all. Not that I was fluent, I knew what the language sounds like and how to express my basic needs. Then I started to buy lots of Sour Patches from the school store.

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