Saturday, November 22, 2008

Final Project Summary

  • Multilingual Interstitial - 3D Animation
  • Prescedent: Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Teletubies. Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street
  • Target Audience: Preschooler who have abilities to adapt language much faster than adults
  • Teaching pre-schoolers in ages of 3 to 5 multi-languages while they enjoy watching the interstitial
  • Goal: Considering young children's attention span and favors in color and shape, the show will have educational, fun and attractive feature.
  • Task: Can preschool kids can grasp more than two languages at the same time?

Final Project: Storybaord

Multilingual Education Interstitial from Iva Son on Vimeo.

An interstitial for multilingual education using English, Korean and Spanish

Prescedent1: Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer
    • Dora: a ten year-old Hispanic girl
    • 30 min animation series
    • For preschool-aged children,
    • Teaches preschool-age children Spanish (Majorly English)
    • 5 seasons, 107 episodes
    • Your browser may not support display of this image.Characters speak toward the audience (interactive)

Morgan Library

I went to Morgan Library yesterday for the first time and was amazed by its elegance. There were a quartet playing Jazz music all evening. I particularly loved Babar exhibition and it inspired me in a way of its stylistic illustration and imagination.

For More info:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NYU Bobst Library

I really like this library. It reminds me of the library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I did my undergrad. There are tons of resources and crowds. It's just me that I tend to concentrate better when there are small noises. This is the place to be! But I'm kind of acrophobic so I was scared to look down from the 8th floor.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ESC Mixer

I went to ESC mixer held last friday at Hunter College with Darcy. ESC stands for Electronic Social Club - a network of NYC graduate students connected by the practice of creating social dialogue through projects in media, art and design.

It was great to know how other students including our school were developing their idea and getting to know them. Drew, the second year student at Parsons, developed 'Pigeon' which can be summarized as an idea of voice facebook. You can record you voice aat 713-547-9468 by setting up user number and password. It's a fabulous idea to share the moment of feeling with people you love. I was proud for our school to have someone who has such brilliant project. =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


The menu "Ratatouille" really exists in this French restaurant, Maison, Broadway and 57th st. It's under crepe menu section. We ended up having escargo and pasta though. I thought "Ratatuille" animation was great but the fact that the main character was a rat didn't interest me as an audience. What I realized was, to make more materialistically successful, the main character should arouse emphathy. In other words, it should have a look that everyone loves.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Idea idea idea...

I was just hanging around at Barnes and Nobles in Upper West... I need some inspiration!
How would technology contribute to kid's development? Finding the answer is my ultimate goal of this program and my career, furthermore.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunny Kim: Jazz Vocalist

My friend Sunny Kim has lived in Indonesia, Korea, United States, France, etc and inspired from different cultures which lead to very unique and beautiful vocal. She stayed in NYC past two weeks and collaborated with Roswell Rudd Quartet. She will be back in January so let me know if anyone is interested in fusion jazz. I might be able to get free admission to her concert.

More info available ->

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Experimental installation of Mirrors

Audience - rAndom International from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

This is a bit similar to one of our group brainstorming idea for the public space project. It shows how audience noticed, tried, played around with and even danced in front of the mirrors. People seem like they are really enjoying how the mirrors respond to their reaction.

After freewriting

I'm still confused. Why can't I make up my mind? I want to work on something I can enjoy. I've had random idea...
1. Pyramid - Egypcian myth
2. Children and their fear
3. Do you know what people you love need(love and understanding)?
4. Expansion on the concept of "kidults"

It was amazing how 5 minutes passed by so quickly when we did freewriting. I'm going to try again today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Jelly Bean Project: Exhibition Possibility and Comparison

Can our project be a good exhibition piece? I think the project itself was already an exhibition piece. We watched people say "Is that an art exhibition?" when they encountered the beans. Many people took pictures of the jelly beans. Indeed, the fact that some people may have thought it was an art display possibly discouraged them from interacting with the project or touching the beans.

While I was researching ideas for this public space project, Dutch Artist Henk Hofstra’s city exhibition surprised me. One of his environmental artworks, ‘Art-Eggcident’, has been displayed in Leeuwarden, a city in the northern Netherlands. I feel that a large-scale public space project should be able to get people to participate more and furthermore, it can be part of their lives. Artworks can draw visitors to the city, and encourage conversation.

Some of the limited engagement we witnessed was likely due to the restrictions on the project itself. In ‘Chanel Mobile Art,’ collaboration between Zaha Hadid and Karl Lagerfield that was featured in Central Park, each visitor was given a set of headphones with an iShuffle, and instructed to follow the audio directions. People were willing to comply with these instructions, and it was very interesting to observe that people tend to be more serious when they are given an instruction. If we had been allowed to provide verbal instruction in this project, it likely would have been beneficial in reducing some of the confusion in visitor responses.

Summary: Jelly Bean Project

The goal of our public space project was to invite people to learn more about the spaces in the city, and to increase awareness of history. In trying to answer this question and to forge new connections between people and their environments, my group explored a variety of approaches, and had some success, though also faced some challenges.

Of our four original ideas — mirror reflection, tree image projection, costume play, and Easter egg containers — we narrowed our design concept to the latter. We believed that by placing colorful containers in public spaces, we would be able to interrupt the passive observation of landscape and encourage study, investigation, play or exploration. However, during the first critique, our initial choice of object — hollow plastic Easter eggs — emerged as problematic, both because they were incongruous with the season, and because some people might take issue with the religious connotations. We then searched for alternate containers that might be suitable. In the end, we came up with plastic jelly bean-shaped containers, objects so playful that it is hard to imagine anyone disliking them.

However, the project was designed as more than a one-time interaction. On the back of paired-up cartoons invited people to visit our Website,, which encouraged virtual interaction with people. Having a Website linked to a public space project was a deviation from normality. This Website was how we met our goal to incorporate technology into our project. We had originally wanted to create an electronic device that would light up when people put a pair of jelly beans inside of the device. Furthermore, considering the difficulty of building such a device outdoors with no power outlets, we settled on the idea of technological interaction mediated by a Website.

Our Website was designed to feature a simple white background, cartoons and characterized beans. Our goal was for visitors to leave feedback, observations, and other impressions on what was otherwise a random site. There weren’t clear instruction on the Website, and we invited people to think about what it was about. Above all, we wanted people to think.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Maja's Debut Recital

I went to Maja Bogdanovic's first recital at Carnegie Hall last friday. She won the first place in Aldo Pariso Competition last year in South Korea. I think she will be a great cellist. I can see that she has a powerful fingering that lead to vibrato. I started to play cello when I was 8 years ago but I wasn't so talented enough to play it as a profession. I admire musicians who practice same song over and over everyday. I wish I can do that if I were gifted.

Public Space Project: Jelly Beeeeeeeeeeeeeans!

INTERFACE: BEAN PROJECT from Iva Son on Vimeo.

Volume up plz! You will hear the constant noise from N/Q/R train.

Nokia Interactive Music Website

New Nokia Website has a neat look. You can drag a virtual earphone cord. Pretty cool!

Check this out->

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dylan's Candy Bar

It's the place to be! Dylan's candy shop is located on Lexington Ave and 60th st. I loved the sweet smell and playful atmosphere. Ever since I read "Hensel and Gratel" I have dreamed of building a candy house. Now, I became more realistic so I am hoping to open a candy shop like this. The top picture shows celebrity autograph with whatever candies they picked in each clear box. Meg Ran had all different kinds of colorful candies whereas Bill Clinton had one Baby Ruth inside of the whole box. I really liked the Five cents made out of beans which reminded me of the LEGO exhibition.

For more info go to -->

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kids are evil sometimes...

I love kids. But they are evil to adults sometimes. Like past weekend, our group's interation did totally fail. I mean we found another way that doesn't work. Children were not interested in contents inside of the beans. What they wanted was just collecting pretty colored beans, especially purble and magenta, and bring them home.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daylight Saving Ended

My friend texted me last night saying "One more hour of sleep!"
It's one of the happiest time of every year. Isn't it?

Nets VS Warriors

I went to a New Jersey Nets vs Golden State Warriors basketball game Nov. 1 Saturday, which was the opening. I was suprised there were lots of empty seats. I somehow felt the game wasn't as dynamic as NBA heydays where Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Charles Berkeley, Patrick Ewing, Dennis Roadman, Magic Johnson, etc used to play in same season. Here's Vince Carter but other players couldn't support him to play well. Nets lost by 96-105. Anyways, wathching the game, eating hodog and drinking coke made me happy enough.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jelly Bean Project: Illustration

Our idea has evolved from easter eggs to Jelly Beans beacause we didn't want to relate it to religious issues. I'm very happy with cutesy looking bean illustration that shows how fun and playful our public project is. We have placed plastic beans in the park and observed people's reaction to the materials inside of the beans.