Sunday, October 12, 2008

Toronto Street Dog

I won't forget about you and I'll come back for you.
I was a bridesmaid on my friend Kathy's wedding in ROM museum, Toronto. Everyone told me to me eating a street hotdog is a MUST if I were to travel in Canada. I ordered Polish Sausage Hotdog. I had hardtime making decision among Italian, Polish and Octoberfest sausages. The lady in dog stand put butter on the bread and grilled it while the sausage was grilled. The sausage was served slightely chopped and then, I had so many choice of toppings, e.g. halapeno, olive, corn, onion, cabbage, pickel, etc... CHOMP! I had it right before I drove back to Toronto Airport. I was so satisfied and felt like a mission was accomplished.

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